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Gene polymorphisms in drug metabolism in diffuse large BCL patients
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) accounts for 30% of all non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and 80% of agressive lymphomas. Besides the Traditional International Prognostic Index (IPI), some other...More
The complexity of hyper-lipidaemia’s follow-up in a polymorbid patient diagnosed with newfound Parkinson’s disease
The 73-year-old polymorbid man has been examined because of above normal blood pressure and increased serum lipid levels. From his already known diseases subclinic hypothyreosis should be highlighted....More
Favourable results with dabigatran therapy in everyday clinical practice - FDA Medicare analysis

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Health behaviour and cancer screening
The purpose of the paper is to find out: what influences the participation in cancer screening. For answer, concepts such as health, health consciousness, health culture, health behaviour have been...More
Fulvestrant therapy of breast cancer metastases with rare localization
Does flame of St. Anthony flare up again?
Hungarian experiences with levodopa/carbidopa...
In the advanced Parkison’s disease (PD) the late complications of levodopa therapy have to be...More
Tailored cranioplasty using CAD-CAM technology...
Objective - The majority of cranial defects are results of surgical intervention. The defect must be...More
Hip fractures in Hungary between 2001 and 2008 -...
The overall prevalence of osteoporosis in developed countries is estimated to be 9-15%. Mortality in...More
Vitamin D in autoimmun disorders: the...
There is recent evidence that genetic and environmental factors play an important role in the...More
Surgical treatment of scoliosis: pre- and...
Currently, Cotrel-Dubousset spondylodesis is the treatment of choice in orthopaedics. It allows for...More
Necrotizing enterocolitis in neonatology:...
INTRODUCTION - The authors’ purpose was to analyse the role of abdominal ultrasonography (US) in...More
On the role of aging in etiology of autoimmunity...
Several types of diseases, among others autoimmune illnesses, could be coupled with the general...More
Molecular and cellular basis of fibrosis: recent...
Scleroderma is a chronic, progressive connective tissue disorder featuring inflammation, fibrosis,...More